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MAVA Ventures was founded by David Mortamais, following a 16 year stint as an entrepreneur. David decided to focus on investing and helping entrepreneurs during the critical first few years of a startup. Our goal is to seek out those who have a very clear vision of their competitive advantage. We invest in seed and pre-seed rounds and concentrate on two main areas: Fintech and SaaS startups. Our geographical markets are the US as well as specific emerging countries in order to accompany the high growth of their Fintech and SaaS ecosystems. If you’d like to contact us, please send a brief description of your company and we'll get back to you.


What we look for

We invest and partner with entrepreneurs that have...

  • A clear vision of their competitive advantage

  • Strong resilience

  • Outstanding operational and executional skills





Confiant has developed a cybersecurity solution protecting the digital ad ecosystem from bad actors. Based in New York City and fueled by two very talented co-founders, the company enjoys an impressive growth and multiple blue chip customers.


CredPal is a credit card company that provides the service to the underserved Nigerian middle class. We like that the company fills a gap left by the traditional banks, and we appreciate the distribution strategy through partnerships with online as well as offline stores.

Our Portfolio


Prospa logo.png


Operating in Nigeria, Prospa is bringing digital banking to SMBs. Prospa takes the traditional frictions experienced by SMBs when performing current banking transactions, as well as builds a suite of products to help them manage their business


Based in San Francisco, Canix provides software for cannabis growers to improve compliance and efficiency. We saw great potential in their team who understands the ins and outs of the industry.


Based in Kenya, FinAccess is a SaaS company which provides core banking solutions to help MFIs (Micro Financial Institutions) digitize their operations. We like that they're the first mover in this market bringing a lot of efficiencies in the relations between MFIs and their customers


Our Team

Get to Know Us

David Mortamais

Managing Partner

I founded LTI Telecom in 1998 when the French telecom market was being deregulated. LTI Telecom was a B2B alternative telecom carrier, providing a bundle of services to SMEs (voice and high speed internet access through fixed and mobile services). LTI Telecom was sold to Altice in 2013, a large telecom/cable provider based in Europe and the US. At the time of the sale, LTI Telecom was generating EUR 30M of ARR with over 120 employees.


ZUMI develops content about fashion and entertainment for young women in Kenya and Nigeria. With an impressive  1 million + followers, the company is now pivoting its business model to an e-commerce play, leveraging their large user base to distribute their products.



Based in San Francisco, CNote is a platform that lets investors earn more while investing in businesses based in underserved communities. We like the financial inclusion and focus-on-returns aspects of a company developed by two rock star status co-founders.



Pezesha is an online lending platform focusing on individuals and small businesses in KENYA. Founded by an experienced and very talented entrepreneur, the team benefits from excellent execution skills and a cutting edge in digital credit scoring skills.


cFive Solutions

cFive has developed easy-to-use software solutions for Community Supervision and Probation agencies. Based in California, the company has been laser-focused on its vertical since day one.


Spektra is a one-click mobile payment gateway for online merchants in Africa.
We really like the long term vision and focus on the user experience brought by the founder.



Medumo helps healthcare organizations automate the delivery of timely instructions to patients. We like that they're among the first few companies addressing this specific issue, with the right solution and above average operational skills.

Medumo was acquired by Phillips in July, 2019 in an effort to boost its health care business.



Based in Nigeria, BuyPower is an app that lets individuals pay for their electricity in a couple of clicks, anytime. We like how this solution saves their customers much time and hassle, and how they've built a large technical moat to make it possible.



Back4app targets app developers as a backend solution based on Parse platform.
Founded by very seasoned entrepreneurs, this is a company founded by developers for developers, with a relentless focus on innovative features.


Guest suite

Guest Suite is a French company that developed online reputation management tools for different verticals such as hospitality or insurance. We like the focus they put on the user experience and their ability to branch out from one vertical to another.



Based in Bangalore, India Credy is an online lending platform targeting the Indian middle class. We like that the founders decided to step in and address a segment of the population left unbanked, and put a strong focus on developing a very efficient technology through the whole lending process.



Based in Nigeria and Ghana, Tizeti is the next Generation Internet Service Provider for Africa. We like that they've been building a network from scratch, using new and cost effective technologies. This enables the company to operate with a lower cost basis than the competition. We think this is their second biggest asset after the above average execution skills of the management team.


Assembly AI

Assembly.AI has developed an AI powered speech to text API. We like that this is probably the most accurate solution on the market, but what impresses us the most is the ability of the team to address the enterprise segment as well as the developers market without compromising on the customer support.



Patascore has created a unique data platform that enables financial institutions and service providers to make real time credit decisions which allows for more responsible borrowing and drives financial inclusion.



Based in NYC, LendIt founders realized very early the impact the Fintech revolution could have on the economy. They built what is now the largest Fintech event company in the US, and are expanding into China, Europe, and Latin America. We like the vision of the founders and their outstanding entrepreneurial spirit.



Based in New Dehli - India, HelloVerify adresses the background checking Indian market. We like that the company is adverse in transforming itself, going from manual/labor intensive into a fully digitized way of performing the background tasks, thanks to the boldness of its co-founders.

Finaccess logo.png


Flinto is based in Mexico and has developed a mobile money application. Like Flinto's founders we believe that cash, as a mean of payment, will become irrelevant in the long term. We like the challenge overtaken by Flinto in educating a very large market dominated by cash into going digital.

Flinto was acquired by Grow mobility in June of 2019.



Finexkap is the largest French online factoring company and targets the SME market. We like that the company is targeting a specific market, the SMEs, which are poorly adressed by traditional financial institutions. Also, we appreciate the distribution strategy focused on embedding their solution into other B2B software solutions.



Brella is based in San Francisco and offers a networking app to event organizers all over the world. We like that they make events more productive for the attendees and the strong mix of technical and sales skills in the founding team.

What we bring


We pride ourselves on being very fast while making an investment decision, being agile about understanding different markets and industries, and delivering constructive feedback to our entrepreneurs. We bring 16 years of entrepreneurial experience, from founding to exit, and most importantly everything in between. We understand an entrepreneurs time is very valuable, so we strive to continue to grow our network of investors and people who can be useful connections to them.


450 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA